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Ericas Awakening E. Connally

Ericas Awakening

E. Connally

Published February 19th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Erica believed that her beauty only created problems, actively hiding her stunning figure and beautiful face. She lived an old-fashioned life afraid she would not be taken serious if her beauty was revealed. Her husband was the only person that knew what she could become, until the day she was kidnapped.She was the legal assistant for the managing partner of Baker, Connelly, and Locke. When her boss crossed a gang he was in business with, Erica became a pawn in their power struggle. In a demonstration of the gang’s power, Erica was kidnapped. As her boss watched via webcam she was bound and stripped naked, displayed in all her stunning beauty to the gang. As the gang erotic torments her, Erica discovers passionate needs she never knew she craved.Eric is rescued before the gang could carry out any of their more brutal torture. She was left however, with her newly awakened sensuality and its erotic aftermath. She found her carnal appetite and can no longer deny her thirst for wild and fiery ecstasy. With her husband, the only person that believed in her, they began to awaken Erica’s passionate nature. Throughout it all Erica’s deep seeded passionate nature reveals itself and she discovers what was really important- love, passion and the only person she feels safe with, her husband.Together they discovered her exhibitionism and the love of feeling others eyes caressing her exposed skin. They discovered Erica’s need for bondage to release and free her passion. Most of all they rediscovered their love and passion for each other as they awakened Erica’s true passionate and loving nature.This is part 1 of Erica’s Erotic Journey