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Michael Slade

ISBN : 9780450610028
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 About the Book 

I hate to admit this, but I did not really finish this book. I skipped ahead, and read the very confusing and unsatisfying ending. It has been two weeks since I started it, and I am less then two hundred pages in. The reason is simple: the book simply has not caught my attention. Here is what I think went wrong:a) too many characters and side stories. Slade dedicates whole (albeit short) chapters to people and their problems who just die off in the next chapter anyways.b) a constantly changing POV. Who is speaking? Sometimes I do not know until half way through a chapter.c) a writing style where the reader is too often left wondering what just happened?. Just as Slade warms us up with a detailed description of a grisly murder scene, he changes direction with...d) another flashback. The time and setting change as often as the POV . He talks extensively about Jack the Ripper, then Aleister Crowley, then any number of controversial figures from the past. It takes away from the present story and murders.Maybe someday, Ill go back to this novel, but I doubt it. It is quite unusual that I give up on a novel, but, in the end, it seems like the right thing to do with this convoluted excuse for a mystery.