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Scoundrel Peter Elstob


Peter Elstob

Published March 10th 1988
ISBN : 9780586074206
272 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Sometimes I compare my life to a game of Snakes and Ladders. Time after time I make my way steadily towards the winning square, only to land on the head of a snake.That s what happened two days ago. The dice landed me on a square which read YOU ARE ARRESTED-RETURN TO BOTTOM LINE and I was whisked from a comfortable apartment to a small, scruffy cell.Colonel Ronald Rokesby-Gore s the name. At least, it s the name inscribed on this cigarette case. I am a professional scoundrel.My victims are middle-aged women-though victim seems rather a strong word, since I strive to give value for money- and unless I can find one within 24 hours, the game s up . . . Highly readable ... It is, in a way, the test of a novel that the characters in it should be so much alive that you can imagine them in another setting. In this respect, Mr Elstob s rather endearing bounder comes nastily off the page YORKSHIRE POST An amoral and highly entertaining career ... Peter Elstob handles the farce of his pathetic hero s manoeuvres with cynical good humourIRISH TIMES