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Beyond Limits Mikhaela Gheorghe

Beyond Limits

Mikhaela Gheorghe

Published February 5th 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Halo is not an ordinary girl. She was born with the incredible ability of using more than the normal percentage of her brain. But is this a reason enough for the paranormal soldiers of the secret Institute she works for to track her? And who is her rescuer, and most important, why did she rescue her, if his reason is not any other than to kill her?Rehael is half angel, half demon, a very skilled tracker who hunted her for centuries. He knows very well what his mission is. But will he manage to deliver her to his leader, or the mad lust he feels for her is going to be stronger than any other instinct he might have?And would the torrid passion they feel for each other create a bond between the two of them, or once consumed, it will destroy them?Are they, one for another, the only enemy, or they both have friends turned against them, whose betrayal is even more dangerous than they could imagine?