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The Huge Rude Duke Clive Gifford

The Huge Rude Duke

Clive Gifford

Published 2004
21 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is an amusing story about a Duke who is very huge and very rude. From childhood to adulthood, being the only child, the Duke was very spoilt. His Nanny did not tell him off for being rude and fed him tones of food. He was very demanding, stubborn and ill treated his staff. So to teach him a lesson the cleaner June teams up with the Cook and makes a crazy maze and puts a trail of food in there to lure the Duke. By the time the Duke traveled through the maze eating the delightful food, the wool had unraveled from his new suit. Although this helped him to find his way back out if the maze, he had become too big and fat to fit through the gate. His staff watched and laughed while he cursed. So they called a truce- they helped the Duke out of the Gate and the Duke stopped being rude. This is a good phonic book to read to children between the ages of 4-6. The book very much helps to understand and pronounce different phonemes. As it also rhymes it is ideal book for story time, where the children can read along too. The story book also includes activities such as: forming words by adding in a vowel at the end of a string if letters- joining phrases to help learn about grammar- forming words by adding digraphs at the start of a string of letters- word and sentence comprehension- manipulating letters in words to form new words- identifying silent letters- spotting the letter u in words- identifying synonyms and a comprehension task.