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Instant Osat Earth Science


Published March 1st 2004
ISBN : 9781581975017
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 About the Book 

How does an INSTANT book differ from the full guide? The EBOOK instant product intent is to give the consumer a quick look (EBOOK comes next day) at the first 25 pages of the entire book and the sample test. In a separate transaction, you may be interested in the full guide found through XAMonline.com. The series of study guides for teacher certification range from 150 to 300 pages. The cost range from 30.50 to 50.00. Disclosure statement: The testing material represented in the INSTANT EBOOK are simulations of real tests. ETS Educational Testing Service, NES National Evaluation Systems, and a few individual states such as Florida have trademarks on the acronym that accompanies each title such as PRAXIS or MTEL, etc. XAMonline. INC has no affilitation with those organizations and is an independent publisher. Therefore, the products were not submitted for those agencies review or approval as the intent is to act independently to avoid conflict of interest.