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Gay for Play Sarah Sethline

Gay for Play

Sarah Sethline

Kindle Edition
33 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It crossed my mind that maybe I should pull out and spare him the creampie that was sure to drip for days, but I just couldnt bring myself to do it. I knew I would hate myself later if I passed on the chance to explode within him.Carl has a problem. A tall, tight, *close-to-home* problem named Harry. There are all sorts of wrongful things hed love to do to him- naughty things... taboo things...forbiddenthings.Hoping to keep his insane lust in check, Carl places an ad on Gregs List, a hub for hot, desperate, newly-adult guys with d*ddy issues. Hes looking for a naughty little bottom to satisfy his deepest, most taboo desires, but fortunately for Carl, it doesnt go quite the way he plans...Check the LOOK INSIDE for a taste of what you want... then hit 1-click and get what you deserve.* Note: This is the gay version of His Naughty Little Plaything. It follows the same storyline, but has been reworked so it can be enjoyed by fans of the MM genre.